Theresa Gagnon is a seasoned yoga teacher whose experience includes pioneering yoga into gyms during the 90’s, directing her own yoga & therapy studio for 14 years, and leading over 220 graduates of yoga teacher training programs. Theresa’s enthusiasm for yoga continues to grow, ebbing and flowing to address today’s mobility issues and all health needs. Theresa’s online and in-studio yoga practices will address individual needs with educated experience. Her years of massage therapy and knowledge of functional anatomy are complemented by a familiarity with the fitness industry, life transitions, and the emergence of vocational injuries. Theresa feels awareness of the body’s individual muscle strength and flexibility are the highlight of a person’s health. Using breath awareness and a mindfulness approach, she will support you to increased mobility, flexibility, and optimal stability to help you feel the body’s comfort. Theresa’s yoga practice is threaded with poignant anatomy cues, attitudinal ‘check ins’, and an approach that inspires viable and sustainable goal setting. Theresa offers realistic observations to reach a joyful, kinder, and healthier You. Loving self means listening, learning and practicing it all over again.



Theresa Gagnon
50 Oak Avenue
River Drive Park
L9N 1A2
Tel: 905-715-9710

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