How to get started? Often the questions are “Is it too late to begin a yoga practice at my age/with my injuries/level of inflexibility?” The answer is its never too late and all you need to do is begin. First, choose what the best conducive practice for your life’s schedule is. Consider your location - in-studio may have its limitations yet online is all on your time. Choosing either or both. Be equipped online with the equivalent of a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a strap, blanket, and bolster (pillow), as these are the go-to props for most yoga practices. All maybe purchased online see affiliations and/or at major retailers in the sports section. In studio, Theresa supplies

The next step is to show up and practice with an open mind and be your best version of a beginner student. Online subscribers may communicate via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all questions and answers pertaining to the practice and in-studio the connection is always fun and inviting to hang out have tea and converse over Tarot, Runes and/or angel cards. Theresa’s lobby is eclectic and inviting for all students to chillax.



Theresa Gagnon
50 Oak Avenue
River Drive Park
L9N 1A2
Tel: 905-715-9710

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